Welcome to the lab practice clinic for integrated medicine Dr. Kübler

We are a dedicated team of biologists and doctors under the guidance of Dr. med. Ulrich Kübler. We engage in continuous further education, forge new, innovative paths and, most importantly, we love our profession.

For years, we have dealt with early recognition and the fight against cancer. We have developed procedures that are recognised and protected under patent law in the USA, Europe and Japan. Our main goal is avoiding cancer, therefore prevention and early recognition in a gentle and efficient manner is important to us. In case of illness, we treat based on the individual tumour situation, with the least physical and mental stress to the patient, and the best preservation of quality of life.

The lab practice clinic for integrated medicine Dr. Kübler combines a private practice clinic, tumour research and lab analysis all in one place.


Our targets:
  • Prevention – Avoiding diseases and deficits;
  • Increase of performance;
  • Early recognition of diseases;
  • Gentle diagnosis and treatment;
  • Greatest possible preservation of quality of life and function of organs;
  • Personalised diagnosis and treatment; and
  • The latest in alternative diagnosis and treatment methods.

Our service range:

Vital substance analysis for preventive healthcare
  • Increased performance;
  • Prevention of diseases and deficits; and
  • Vitalisation program.


Gentle prevention and early recognition
  • Amino acid analysis;
  • Electrolyte and trace element analysis;
  • Vitamin analysis;
  • Intracellular screening of pathogens by real-time RT-PCR*;
  • Autoimmune screening;
  • Biomarker analysis;
  • Cellpredikt® test (PCR);
  • Elastography;
  • Diagnostic apheresis; and
  • Tox-Screen for pesticides.


Gentle treatment
  • Laser therapy for the breast and prostate;
  • Cryotherapy;
  • Endogenous vaccines: target-specific stimulation of the immune system;
  • Immunotherapy;
  • Photopheresis;
  • Plasmapheresis;
  • Lipid-apheresis;
  • Thrombocyte concentrate apheresis; and
  • Kinase inhibitors.


Our technical team 

If you require further information, you can contact us at any time. We will gladly help you and send you the corresponding information material.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Your lab practice team.

*Intracellular determination not only permits detection of an acute infection, but also evidence of pathogens resting inside cells with, among others, oncogene potential.

The amount and precision or our measurements of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and pathogens in our Munich lab is unique.

Our concept combines conventional and alternative methods. Apheresis procedures are an important diagnostic and therapeutic component of our integrative medicine.

By multiplying the body’s own killer cells we activate the immune system target specific. Among other things for the treatment of cancer and viral diseases.