Kinase inhibitors Munich

Kinase Inhibitors are innovative targets for cancer treatment

Kinase inhibitors

Support of treatment by kinase-inhibiting medicines.

Kinases are enzymes, special proteins that transfer phosphate groups to other proteins . This phosphorylation has a similar effect like an on/off switch. Thus, a single kinase can activate many proteins. Only after activation will these proteins commence to complete their diverse tasks. This way, stimuli that arrive at the outside of a cell are transferred inside the cell and forwarded into the cell nucleus.

In this manner, kinases are involved in all fundamental processes such as growth, differentiation and self-destruction of the cell. These enzymes play a key role in the forwarding of growth signals. Failures in this system are therefore often disastrous and lead to massive pathophysiological consequences. The cause of many cancers is an overactivity of kinases and a lack of effectiveness of regulation mechanisms. These “over-eager” kinases cause uncontrolled growth of tissue, and are essentially involved in supplying tumours with new blood vessels (angiogenesis).

Kinase inhibitors, i.e. substances that inhibit the activity of kinases, are innovative targets for cancer treatment. Due to their specific affect, they are subject to drastically fewer adverse effects than conventional chemotherapy. It is also possible to find out in advance whether the treated patient suffers an impairment of the corresponding kinase. Treatment can therefore be individually adjusted to the kinase profile of the patient.  

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