Welcome to Labor-Praxisklinik Dr. Kübler


We are a dedicated team of biologists and doctors under the guidance of  Dr. med. Ulrich Kübler. We participate in continuous further training, we adopt new and innovative appproaches and – most importantly – we love our job.


Since years we  have dedicated our work in  detecting cancer early and fighting it. We have developed procedures that have been patented and protected in the USA, Europe and Japan. Our primary goal is cancer prevention using gentle, non-invasive but efficient prevention methods and early recognition. If cancer develops, we target individual tumour development in order to reduce the physical and psychological strain of treatment on the patient as much as possible and maintain his quality of life.


Labor-Praxisklinik Dr. Kübler combines a private clinic, tumour research and lab analysis under one roof.


Our targets:

  • Prevention – avoiding illness and deficiencies
  • Increasing performance capacity
  • Early recognition of illnesses
  • Gentle diagnosis and treatment – low in adverse effects, non-invasive or minimal invasive


  • Customised diagnosis and therapy: consideration of individual features – administration of the right medication and therapy


  • The latest and alternative diagnosis and treatment methods


Our perfomance range: 

  • Vital substance analysis for preventive healthcare, improving performance and preventing illnesses and deficiencies: determination of electrolyte, trace element, amino acid and vitamin levels.
  • Vitalisation programme


Preventive healthcare and early recognition

  • Lab analysis
  • Biomarker analysis
  • Cellpredikt® test (PCR)
  • Elastography
  • Diagnostic apheresis


Gentle treatment

  • Laser therapy for breast and prostate
  • Cryotherapy
  • High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)
  • Target-specific stimulation of the body’s own immune system
  • Immune therapy
  • Photopheresis
  • Kinase inhibitors




Please do not hesitate to contact us if you like further information. We are more than happy to help and provide the relevant information.


We look forward to hearing from you,


Your Labor-Praxis-Team